2017 Convention audio files are now available! You may listen here, or right click the download button and select Save Target As to download the MP3 file to your computer. Please be patient as some files may take some time to load on your device.

Ty Gibson "Do You See It?" DOWNLOAD

Rise Rafferty "The Big Mac Diet" DOWNLOAD

Jere Webb and Fred Cornforth "Reconnecting Ministry" DOWNLOAD

Gasper and Ellen Colon “Adventist Community Services” DOWNLOAD

Ty Gibson “A Lingering Fragrance” DOWNLOAD

Panel Discussion “Using Technology and Media in Ministry” DOWNLOAD

John McVay “Sabbath School” DOWNLOAD

David Prest “Revival in a Graveyard” DOWNLOAD

Jerre Webb “Why I Am An Adventist” DOWNLOAD

Vince Onkoba “Urban Ministries” DOWNLOAD

ASI Convention Presenters: