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1 James Rafferty "Opening Prophetic Seals" DOWNLOAD

2 Fred Cornforth Friday Morning Devotional  DOWNLOAD

3 Sung Kwon "Biblical Concepts of Holistic Ministry"  DOWNLOAD

4 Sung Kwon "Performance Measurements for Effective Ministry"  DOWNLOAD

5 Lay Leadership Panel Discussion  DOWNLOAD

6 Health Panel Discussion  DOWNLOAD

7 James Rafferty "Battling the Beast"  DOWNLOAD

8 Rick Westermeyer Sabbath School "Building on Christ the Solid Rock"  DOWNLOAD

9 Dave Allen "Thank You for Jesus Amen"  DOWNLOAD

10 Sabbath Afternoon Concert  DOWNLOAD

11 Witnessing Testimonies and Tools  DOWNLOAD

12 James Rafferty "When Michael Stands Up"  DOWNLOAD

13 Terry Johnson "With God All Things Are Possible"  DOWNLOAD

ASI Convention Presenters: